Meetings between the students directors of the RPCE 1 -2 competition and a professional panel.

Director trained at Concordia University in Montreal. His last shorts film « Les dimanches (Sundays) », « Je ne suis pas un grand acteur (I
am not a great actor) » and « Ruby pleine de marde (Ruby full of shit)» were shown in many international film festivals. He is currently working
on the script of his first feature film.

Project Coordinator and Head Producer at the Cine Services, the professional production division for Cine Institute graduates associated
with Artists Institute.

Since its inception in 2007, Travelling’s mission is to promote the best of short films abroad. Marie-Pier takes care of the international and Canadian sales.

As part of the Rencontres pancanadiennes du cinéma étudiant


Thursday October 12, 2017


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